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SERIES: SMART WEARABLES – Privacy Concerns (Part-2)

Are your smart gadgets running on Android? If yes, that means it is running Linux underneath. Well then, get ready to get bugged – because an attacker never sleeps! Yes,… Read more »

Data Protection begins with Data Lifecycle Management

The key to cyber security management is to protect your data. The first step to protect your data is to ‘know’ your data – where, rather where all, is the data, where is it originating, flowing, residing, getting touched, tampered, deleted and such.

Series: Smart Wearables – It’s Design & Future (Part-1)

The Smart Era is exploding with smart gadgets floating all around us. The willingness to adapt these gadgets is fast-booming. But lets speak facts: are these devices ‘really smart’? A look into their characteristics and some indeed-smart wearables!

‘Shadow IT’ – The light of innovation or the darkness of ignonimity?

Shadow IT, or the event where technology related activities or developments are conducted outside of and without the knowledge of the enterprise IT team, is one of the phenomenon that has gained prominence in recent years.

3 Reasons why Information Security demands a “board’s eye-view”

It was two weeks ago. I was chatting with the CFO of a major automobile manufacturing company. This is one of the largest companies in the world. I was waxing eloquent… Read more »