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EU GDPR bearing on Indian Outsourcing Industry – Part 1

Globalization, evolving data lifecycle, criticality of data and technology advancements has brought forth new challenges and risks including those related to privacy protection. With Industrialization 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT),… Read more »

The Case for Cyber Governance for Enhanced Cyber Defence

Cyber criminals and cyber crime has no physical/logical borders. As the technologies are changing and evolving frequently, it is very important to have a Robust Cyber Defence. For a country… Read more »

IETF in India Series: Interview with Dhruv Dhody (IETF Participant)

As part of the IETF-In-India blog series, we decided to do an interview with Mr Dhurv Dhody who has been very actively participating in IETF for last few years. Dhruv… Read more »