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Digital India – Early Adoption of Cyber Security Framework is Necessary

With Digital India initiative, there is a new wave of transformation across country. It include e-Governance, electronic delivery of services, and information to all in electronic form in the central… Read more »

Analysis of Cyber Security Information Sharing Act (2015)

The purpose of this act is to enable government entities to share cyber threat information with private sectors. In addition, this act would also facilitate in the private sector’s sharing… Read more »

The European Court of Justice Declares the Commission’s US Safe Harbour Decision as Invalid

An imperative question that arises here, is the meaning of the ruling for US organizations? And how does this impact Indian organizations, especially the outsourcing Industry? Let’s attempt to understand the overall scenario which begins from discussing the very root cause, it’s origin and then how has it escalated to European Court of Justice (ECJ) which forced it to come out with such ruling.