DSCI invites applications from rapporteurs in Bengaluru

Opportunity Opening: April 25, 2015

Opportunity Closing: May 25, 2015

Openings: 4-5 rapporteurs

Date & Location: July first week in Bengaluru

Background: The DSCI Best Practices Meet brings the security community and other stakeholders together, to deliberate and ponder over these diverse set of issues and challenges. It is aimed at deliberating on the new security paradigm from the perspectives of public policy, enterprise strategies, technology and practices.

For BPM 2015, DSCI is looking for suitable rapporteurs, preferably those with previous journalistic/reporting experience. They must carry their laptop with them so as to record key points of the sessions.

Objective: Submit the recordings  before the end of the day. This will allow for the content to be considered by us.

Specific Tasks/Deliverable:   Before the workshop, the Rapporteur should meet with the facilitator to review the workshop’s objectives and report format. During the workshop, note all conclusions and remarks related to the theme • register all recommendations and outcomes • draw a list of participants (with name and function). Finalize the report with the facilitator, adding the participants’ comments and highlighting the key elements.

Remuneration: Certification of Appreciation & Rapporteur fee. If interested, mail: udita.singh@dsci.in

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