The Case for Cyber Governance for Enhanced Cyber Defence

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Cyber criminals and cyber crime has no physical/logical borders. As the technologies are changing and evolving frequently, it is very important to have a Robust Cyber Defence. For a country like India (where we are moving into Digital Era), it is necessary for the Government to Re-Structure its way of handling cyber crimes and cyber investigations.

A better Global Governance is what we need. This is the step that should be taken in order to deal with cyber crimes originating across borders. Also we should focus on redefining internal security architecture. Cyberspace is an essential part of daily life and a practical necessity of government and business.

So how should we do it?

The first step towards building an Enhanced Cyber Defence Framework is Collaboration. There are multiple levels of collaboration which can definitely be of great use. This collaboration can be broken down into following:
Level 1: Private to Private
Level 2: Private to Government
Level 3: Government to Private
Level 4: Government to Government

Ideas for Enhanced Cyber Defence Framework

Government should involve private sector to effectively run and manage Cyberspace. Collaboration of information will help to optimize the cyber risk and reduce the potential damage to be caused. Both the sectors can come up with Cyber Defence guiding principles which can be implemented nationwide. It will ensure all the domains of industry like IT, healthcare, aviation and others fall under the umbrella of Cyber Defence Framework.
The Cyber Security Task Force should start implementing policies which can help our nation to strengthen itself as a Global Institution for Cyber Defence. Training for private and government sectors to handle cyber crimes should be mandate. Policymakers should increase granularity of the policies, so that even the lowest level of industry/individual is considered as an asset.

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